Safety coordination (SPS)

Safety and Health Protection Coordination is required by the French law of 31/12/93 and by the application of the French Decree n°941159 of 26/12/94, in order to organize the work accident prevention on construction sites.

The SPS coordinator is commissioned by the customer.

Mission of safety and health coordinator :

  • Constitution of the General Plan on Coordination “(PGC)”.
  • Development of General Plan on coordination (PGC) for safety and health protection.
  • Organization between all suppliers, coordinating their activities, details of the use in common installations, equipment and traffic, and exchanges for health and safety precautions at work.
  • Monitoring of the application of coordination measures as defined in the “PGC”.
  • Eventual updates of the PGC and its application.
  • Arrangements to limit job site access to only authorized persons only.


In 2004, DCSA has integrated a coordinator for design and implementation phase level 1, M.Xavier REYNAUD, who acquired an experience in mountain construction sector especially in the cable transport, but also for buildings sites and civil engineering structures.

To date, he handled more than 500 missions, in the Alps and the entire skiing areas in France.

Our SPS coordinator proposes, in addition to his statutory missions, the following services :

  • Participation in the elaboration of the documents of call for tenders.
  • Assistance of industrial operators to the management of construction site.
  • Awareness and policy of constructive security mode for specific work stations.
  • Expertise to ski area operators, on equipment, allowing safe maintenance operation on lifts.

Professional experiences

  • Ski Lifts (new construction, dismantling with or without recovery of materials) : aerial ropeways, Funitel, Gondola Lifts, detachable or fixed chairlifts, draglifts, carpet lift, Catex, inclined elevators, sledges, ziplines.
  • Hydraulic works, micro hydropower, water intakes, measures of riverbanks torrents.
  • High altitude works, Aiguille du Midi worksite, Helbronner.
  • Cliffs and slopes stabilization.
  • Structure = skiers tunnels, highway bridge, footbridges skiers.
  • New buildings, renovation or elevation: Cottages and Buildings: brand new, renovation and modification.
  • Earthwork, artificial snow-making, slopes and roads.
  • Construction, renovations and demolitions including asbestos components.


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