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Posté le 5 avril 2015

« Even if the name of DCSA is known around the mountain world, these lines will enable you to learn a bit more history, and current events.

With over 50 years experience in the mountain middle, with private and public decision makers, DCSA has sought to build, sustain and transmit know-how around the ropeway. the most numerous applications relate to ski areas or their connections to villages, but also declined to urban and industrial infrastructures.

DCSA focuses on what his thoughts are integrated fashion lines, that is to say, considering:
– The general layout,
– Clean technology transportation,
– The associated architecture.

In the 60s, Denis Creissels created the company as consulting engineer and contractor, while the mountain knew a boom. Innovations and spectacular achievements were succeeded and strong friendships were sealed. In 1995, Denis lets the company to its employees, with Noël Blandon first chosen. It followed the series of snowless winters during the early 90s and the mountain traders had to rethink to address a reasoned approach, coordinated with procedures and more precise regulatory frameworks.  »

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